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Quick-start Guide customer loyalty

Welcome to Piggy!

Dealing with new software can seem daunting at first. Don’t worry, we’ve put together this quick-start guide specifically to ease you through the process of setting up the foundation of your loyalty program - the rules, rewards, what you’ll measure, and more. Let's dive in together and build your loyalty program step by step!

Account Setup
Let’s start with your general account setup.

Tip: Is something not quite clear to you while reading this article? Click on links in between in this article to learn more about certain features. We offer an extensive Help Center with instructional articles and videos!

Add your users
Users are the individuals who have access to the Business Dashboard. Depending on your business operations, you can add additional users, or give only yourself access to the system.

  • To add users, go from the Business Dashboard to Settings (grey cogwheel) and then to Users
  • Please note that all users can view all data within the dashboard. There is no distinction between accessibility within the platform

Manage your shops 
Depending on whether you have one or more branches, you can manage your branches in your Business Dashboard. These will come in handy later to differentiate between transactions of your contacts, settlements, and visibility of, for example, offers and rewards. 

  • To manage your shops, go from the Business Dashboard to Settings (grey cogwheel) and then to shops/profiles
  • Give your shop the correct name - this will be visible to contacts - and fill in the address data additionally

Connect your device/integrations 
Before you start, make sure you have a device nearby that you can use to let your members collect and redeem points. You connect this device with the Piggy Business App using a linking code. 

Depending on which cash register you use, you can connect your system with your favorite tool with one of our integrations. Read more about them here, or contact your account manager to see which one suits you best.

  • The link code is easily requested via the Business Dashboard under Tools (9 dots) and Business App. Click on Create and select the right location 
  • Depending on your agreement you can add more devices to get started

Contacts Portal
Create a consumer environment in your house style. Through this page, your members can see their keycard, current credit balance, their progress and history, and the rewards of your company. The Contacts Portal is accessible via the website on the computer, but can also be used as an app on the phone. This way there’s everything within no time at hand!

  • To create your Contacts Portal, go from the Business Dashboard, go to Tools (9 dots) > Contacts Portal
Create a Widget

Creating a widget is a simple but effective way of catching new subscriptions through an underused channel. Place a widget directly on your website by simply copying and pasting a single line. Polish up the design and choose the exact graphics and content you want and watch the subscriptions roll in.

  • To access the Widget, go from the Business Dashboard to Tools (9 dots) > Widget 
  • Installation depends on how your website is built. Find the instructions to install the Widget here

Get yourself some hardware
Let your members save easily with keycards personalised in your house style. Especially when you are just starting out, having keycards is a good basis to boost your loyalty programme. You can order them via this order form.

  • Besides keycards, we also offer gift cards and gift card packaging. Would you like to know more? Contact your account manager

Feel like you could use some additional tips to get your loyalty program started? Then be sure to read this article


Create contacts
Your contacts are the members of your loyalty program. Once somebody is a contact, you can include them in mailing lists, give them access to or exclude them from rewards based on contact lists. Also, you can see their behavior and personalized information that you can further use to personalize your loyalty program.

  • To create, add and simply include necessary information, go from the Business Dashboard to Contacts > Contacts
  • Import contacts easily with a csv file

Create a contact list
You can divide your contacts into groups based on similarities. Create segmented lists easily within your dashboard. Based on specific Custom Attributes, you can place your contacts in different lists. Ideal for targeting a specific group of contacts based on shared criteria, or creating automated campaigns. 

  • To make a list, go from the Business Dashboard to Contacts > Lists
  • Choose between a static or dynamic list, the latter of which will automatically update itself whenever a change within the criteria is made

Create a Custom Attribute
Custom attributes are as described - attributes of your members that are created custom by you, to help create stronger member profiles. They measure things that help your business grow when it comes to customer loyalty.

In just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating bulletproof customer profiles.

  • To add custom attributes, go from the Business Dashboard to Contacts > Contacts > Manage attributes
  • You can apply very targeted marketing to your customers, based on their preferences and personal information. For example, a birthday campaign or selected newsletter based on their favorite flavors

Create a form
Forms are your best friend when it comes to collecting extra customer data. You can ask essentially anything you’d like to know from your customers in these forms, so they’re the perfect way to measure contact attributes that matter to your business and to enhance your customer relationships by using the information. 

  • To get to Forms, go from the Business Dashboard, go to Contacts > Forms 
  • When starting one, choose a default template or start your own form from scratch
  • Choose between public forms (for non-members) or private forms (for those subscribed to your loyalty program)


Create a reward
Rewards are the foundation of your loyalty program, so make sure you get them right. 

  • To create a reward, go from the Business Dashboard to Loyalty > Rewards
  • Choose between standard rewards or digital rewards
  • By clicking on the specific rewards, you can set additional filters such as rules surrounding redemption and validity, who the reward is open to and more

Create a rule
Your rules dictate the collection and redemption of your points and rewards. You can choose to round them, multiply them or to set a unique value. You can also set a fixed number of points per visit. Start simple and choose the configuration that works for you to avoid overcomplicating things

  • To create a rule, go from the Business Dashboard to Loyalty > Rules
  • If not indicated in a rule, the default setting counts as 1 = 1; also it is rounded down by default, so 10.99 is always 10 
  • Once you’ve got the hang of things, focus on incorporating rules that contribute to gamification like point multipliers and more


Create a campaign
Engage members with campaigns that are one-off or automated. Think of newsletters, promotions, important messages or campaigns that enhance customer loyalty.

Drag and drop your own designs to make your campaign perfectly on-brand and never miss a beat with automated triggers such as someone's birthday, for x-number of visits or for retention purposes.

Yes! After reading this article and performing the steps, you're pretty much ready to get started with your loyalty programme!

Do you have more questions or need help? Be sure to check out our Help Centre, or contact our Customer Success Specialists. 

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