You can personalize your Loyalty Program by using a variety of different Rules. For example, €1 doesn't have to automatically be worth 1 point.

Setting up Rules


For setting rules you can choose from the following Types:

    • Fixed number: This lets you determine a fixed number of points, regardless of the amount. A fixed number of +5  adds 5 points. So a purchase amount of €0.10 or a purchase amount of €100, will both provide the customer with 5 points.
    • Multiplication: you can determine whether to multiply the number of points given. For example, if you set a value of 5? With a purchase amount of €7 you will give 35 points (5x7=35).
    • Rounding: you can determine whether the entered purchase amount is rounded up after the decimal point (€1.01 to €1.99 becomes 2 points), or whether it is rounded down (€1.01 to €1.99 becomes 1 point). It is automatically set to round down. With the Rounding type the credit will be rounded down from €1,01 to €1,49 and rounded up from €1,50 to €1,99.
    • Summation: you can also add or subtract points. A sum of +5 adds 5 points regardless of the purchase amount. With a purchase amount of €7 you give 12 points. You can also set a sum of -5. With a purchase amount of €7 you will give 2 points.

Warning! If you activate a Rule without setting up a Filter, the rule will apply to every transaction, for every customer! Read about filters below.

It's also possible to apply a Filter to a set Rule, letting you personalise the Rule even further. The Filters are related to the Custom Attributes you have created. For example, you can use the following Filters:
  • Contact: This option lets you apply a filter based on a Custom Attribute of your choice. Choose one of the preset attributes or create one yourself.
  • Day and time: It's also possible to set rules that only apply to certain days of the week, or between a certain time. This is great for quiet days, providing customers with double points, incentivising customers to visit during these times. 
  • Loyalty Scan: This lets you set the rule to only apply above a certain purchase amount. For example, above €30, you can set a multiplier of 1.2x to encourage higher purchase amounts.
To set up new Rules, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your Dashboard, then select Loyalty and then Rules 
  2. Click on Add at the top right
  3. Give the rule a Name, select the Type you want to apply and fill in the option or value
  4. Don't forget to Activate the Rule and apply a Filter if necessary