Installing the Widget

How to install the Widget on your website, depends on the way your website has been built.

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To install the Widget onto your website, you'll need to add a snippet of code to your website code. Place this snippet in the <head> code of your website. Where you will find this <head> code and how to implement the snippet within it, depends on the way your website was built. Instructions for the most common website builders can be found below.

Where can I find the Widget code?

You can find your snippet of widget code in your Business Dashboard. Go to Tools, then Widget. Here you can create new Widgets and manage or change existing ones. You can also find the code to place on your website here, under Installation.

My website has been built by a web developer

If your website has been built entirely by a web developer or a software agency, the code can be place directly by a developer. Simply copy the widget code from the Business Dashboard and paste it right before the closing </head> tag in the index.html of the website. Your Widget is now live!

My website has been built using a website builder (e.g. WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Magento)



The easiest way to add your own code to the head of your WordPress website, is through a plugin (though you can also do so manually). Install a plugin which allows you to add scripts to your header, such as this one. Simply follow the instructions in the plugin.



Adding your own code to the header of your Wix website, requires a premium Wix account. Go to the settings of your website and go to Tracing tools. Then click on Custom code. Paste the widget code under 'Fill in the code fragment here', select your domain and make sure the code is placed on the Head. Your Widget is now online!



Adding the widget code to your Shopify website requires editing the theme code. Go to Online store → Theme, click on Actions → Edit code. You'll now enter the Code Editor. Open theme.liquid. Look for the </head> tag. Once you've found it, paste the widget code right above it and save the code. Your widget is now online!



To add the widget code to your Lightspeed website, you'll need to add the widget code to Custom Javascript. In your Lightspeed dashboard, go to Settings. Under Website settings, go to Web Extras. Paste the widget code to Custom Javascript, set the status to active and click save. Your widget is now live!


Installing the widget to your Magento webshop involves editing the Configuration. In the Magento dashboard, go to Content in the sidebar navigation. Under Design, click on Configuration. Then pick the theme to which you want to add the Widget. Scroll down to HTML Header, click on it to unfold and scroll down further to Scripts and Style Sheets. Paste the Widget code in there and save it. Your widget is now online!


To add the widget to your Squarespace website, go to Settings in your Squarespace back-office. Then, click on Advanced and then Code injection. Paste the widget code snippet in the text area under Header. Click Save, and your widget is live on your website!

Need help?

Having trouble installing your widget onto your website? Contact us and we'll help you as best as we can.