How do I create a template in Marketing?

In order to send out successful email campaigns to your recipients, it is first of all important to create a template


The creation of a template in Marketing is important in order to be able to successfully send an e-mail. You can customise the design of your template exactly the way you want it!

You can create a template via the Business Dashboard as follows:

  1. In your Business Dashboard, go to Marketing and then to Templates
  2. You can choose to create your own template by clicking on Personal and then on Empty Template. Under Global, you will find templates that have already been partially designed, which you can also use

    Tip: Do you find it difficult to create a template from scratch, or do you need some inspiration? From the Piggy database we offer you the possibility to choose between predefined templates. So we can help you on your way. You can customize it the way you would like! 

  3. The next step is to open the edit menu for your template. Here you can edit your template by dragging and dropping the desired boxes in the template via the right menu. Think of images, text boxes, buttons or links to your social media

    Tip: Above the template you can choose an overview of how your email will be displayed on a desktop or mobile phone

  4. Have you finished editing your template or do you want to continue later? You can save it whenever you want by clicking the green button Save in the upper right corner