Setting up an automation

Automations help you make easy and advanced use of e-mail marketing, all you have to do is set it up, and the software does the rest for you.

Below is a step-by-step plan for setting up an automation:
  1. First, go to your Business Dashboard. Then click on Tools, and then Automations
  2. Click on Start a new automation. Then set up the appropriate preset. Click the green Create button. Please note that you cannot change it after creation

Please note: setting up the form correctly is essential. On the basis of this, your software will select contacts who are eligible for the mail in question. Read all about it here

You will now reach the screen to set the workflow of the automation.

  1. Set your recipients: Fill in the Starting Point by clicking on the box. Then, under Add filter, select which contact/contact list should be considered. Then click on Done
  2. Set the contact attribute: Click the plus sign to add a new step. Click Set contact attribute, and select which attribute you want the mailing to be sent based on. Also choose a value for the selected attribute. Click on Submit

    Tip: Want to set up an automation to reward someone who has visited your shop 10 times? Select Number of transactions, and set the value to 10. Are you setting up an automation for a birthday mail? Select either Date of birth or Birthday

  3. Set up automated mail: To link a mail to automation, click on the new plus sign under the column just set up. Here you select Automated mail. Select the desired mail, click on Save

    It is important to create an e-mail for your automation, otherwise you will not be able to perform step 3.  Read here how to create an e-mail campaign

  4. The basic settings for your automation are now complete! Click on View and activate in the top right corner

    Tip: You can add more actions to the automation flow by clicking on the plus signs between the set actions. Think of a delay time or an if/then branching based on the buying behaviour of your customers. 

  5. Check your automation, and click on Activate

🎉 You will find the overview of your automations under Tools - Automations and then Overview automations.