Contact lists: Bundle contacts into different groups

Segment your contacts for optimal and fast use!

Using Contact lists, it is now possible to group your customers together into groups. By default, all your contacts are bundled into a list called All Contacts.
Additionally, you can create your own lists.

These lists can be both static and dynamic

Static contact lists

Static lists contain contacts that meet certain criteria at the time the list is saved. Static lists are not updated automatically, so new contacts that meet the criteria are not added to the list. If contacts no longer meet the criteria after the list is saved, they remain in the list.

Example: You would like to send a one-time campaign to people with a preference for a certain product. For this you can create a contact list that is filtered on this attribute. The mail can then be filtered on this group.

Dynamic contact lists

Active lists automatically update their members according to the criteria. Contacts join the list when they meet the criteria and leave the list when they no longer meet the criteria. For this reason, these lists are ideal for automatic marketing campaigns, for example. 

Example: You would like to set up an automatic campaign for customers whose birthday it is. For this purpose, you can create a dynamic contact list, which will ensure that only those contacts appear in the list who are having their birthday. The next day, these contacts will disappear from this list and other contacts will be added to the list.

Contact lists are filtered by attributes. It is therefore important to add these attributes first under "Contacts". 

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