What's the Piggy Widget?

The Piggy Widget is an application, placed on your website, granting visitors access to your loyalty platform.

The Widget is entirely customizable. What visitors can do with the Widget is up to you.

How does the Widget work?

You create and configure the Widget in your Business Dashboard.

Go to Tools, then Widgets. Here you can create a brand new Widget or edit an existing widget.

Once your Widget is created, you can tweak some settings, such as a background image, the placement of the Widget or the button icon. You can also add or edit Widget elements. 

The elements of the widget

A widget can be built up with different elements. Include at least one of the following elements:

  • Loyalty: Provide contacts the possibility to access your loyalty program. Once logged into the widget, customers can view their credit balance and/or redeem digital rewards
  • Gift cards: Give your contacts the possibility to buy digital gift cards online
  • Subscription: Enable the possibility for your contacts to subscribe for your email subscription
  • Announcement: Announce promotions or other messages through the widget
  • Contact form: Allow your customers to get in touch with you through email

Installing the widget

Are you satisfied with how your Widget turned out? You can now put it on your website. This is done by inserting a small snippet of code into your website code. You can, of course, edit your Widget at any time, even after it is online.

Check how to install the code onto your website.