What's the Piggy Widget?

The Piggy Widget is an application, placed on your website, granting visitors access to your loyalty platform.

The Piggy Widget is available for Loyalty BasicMarketing Basic and Giftcards Basic.

The Widget is entirely customisable. What visitors can do with the Widget is up to you.

  • Do you have Loyalty (Basic or higher)? Then showcase your rewards list and let visitors login and claim your rewards.
  • Do you have Giftcards (Basic or higher)? Then visitors can buy your giftcard straight from the Widget.
  • Do you have Marketing (Basic or higher)? Then visitors can sign up for your newsletter.

You can also add a contact form to your Widget. Visitors can then easily contact you via email. Lastly, you can add an announcement block. Consisting of an image and some text, you can link visitors to other pages. This way you can inform your visitors of new products or events.

How does the Widget work?

You create and configure the Widget in your Business Dashboard.

  • Go to Management, then Widgets
    Here you can create a brand new Widget.
  • Click on New and give your Widget a name. When you create the Widget, we try to set it up optimally for you. You just need to choose a name (this is for internal use only) and set your house colour. We will immediately create the Widget Apps that apply to you. The Widget Apps are the blocks to which you can link your savings, marketing or gift card program.
  • Click on the green Create button.

Once your Widget is created, you can tweak some settings, such as a background image, the placement of the Widget or the button icon. You can also add or change Widget Apps. 

Are you satisfied with how your Widget turned out? You can now put it on your website. This is done by inserting a small snippet of code into your website code. You can, of course, edit your Widget at any time, even after it is online.

Check how to install the code onto your website.

How much does the Widget cost?

Implementation of the Widget is completely free of charge!

Only the sale of giftcards through the Widget comes with an additional charge of €0,50 per giftcard sold (excl. VAT) and €0,29 for the Mollie transaction costs.