The difference between physical and digital gift cards

Within the gift card program, you can use both physical and digital gift cards.

Physical gift cards

Physical gift cards are gift cards that, you guessed it, can be physically issued and used

They are gift cards that you can sell, cash, and top up and top down within your business in-store via the Business App. They are designed in your corporate identity with a QR code and card number on them.

These card numbers, once delivered, are imported into your Business Dashboard so they are linked to Piggy.

Physical gift cards can be ordered from us, using our order form. You can choose to provide the design yourself or have it designed by us!

Digital gift cards

Digital gift cards have the same essence and method of operation as physical ones. They are gift cards that you can sell in-store within your business, collect, and top up and top down via the Business App. The difference is in the tangibility, as digital gift cards are only sent out via email.

Digital gift cards can also be used to send incentives to your contacts in an (automatic) e-mail, such as a retention campaign

Want to know more? Check out our Knowledge Base on adding a gift card to an email!

Please note: for adding and redeeming a gift card (digital or physical), don't forget to add the appropriate homescreen button to your Business App. The Save and Redeem buttons are not suitable for this purpose.