How to create a retention campaign

A retention campaign is a successful way to keep retention and customer retention high. With automated email marketing, you easily send these out.

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Follow these steps to set up a retention campaign:

  1. In your Business Dashboard, go to Marketing and then Emails
  2. Select Automated and click Add in the top right. Choose send automatically, select the Marketing category, click on Create

Then select the desired template for the campaign and click Start in the top right corner

Haven't created a template yet? Read how to do that here

  3.  You are now taken to the campaign edit screen
  • 1. Content: You can customise your template here. Don't forget to add the unsubscribe link, without it you can't continue
  • 2. Information: Enter the name (visible only to you) and subject (visible to the recipient) of the campaign and select the subscription type
  • 3. Actions: Add actions to your campaign. Before selecting an action, make sure your template matches the selected action, you do this in step 1: content.
  • 4. Review: Check the data you set up in the steps above
  • 5. Link e-mail: you can then set up the automatic e-mail in an automation

Adding actions to your campaign is optional. Want to give your contact something as a gift to actively bring them to the shop? Then setting up a digital gift card, for example, is an option. 

4.  Have you finished editing? Now, from the Business Dashboard, go to Tools (9 dots) and Automations

5. Choose the automation Retain

6. You can now enter the automation flow. Fill in the email you just created, select Activate and then Activate again. 

Tip: by clicking on the Starting Point, you can adjust the number of days someone has not been there to your preferences! By default, this is set to 60 days (2 months)

Your retention campaign is now set up. Once a contact meets the set filters, he or she will automatically be eligible for this email!