Adding Actions to an email campaign

Mailings allow you to add Actions to your email. Think of sending loyalty points or digital gift cards!

What are Actions?

The Marketing Tool allows you as a business owner to add certain actions to your emails: a loyalty credit claim, gift card or direct points award. The details of the action are up to you. For example, the number of points or the value of the gift card.

How do I add an action to my email?

To add an action to your email. follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Then go to Marketing and to Emails
  3. Select the email you want to send and click on Customize or create a new one

    Are you starting a new e-mail? Then create a template first.

  4. Under Step 1 Content add the actions by clicking on the desired action in the left menu Here there are 3 options:
    1. Gift Card. Select the establishment, the gift card program you wish to use and the value of the gift card
    2. Loyalty token. Select the establishment and the number of points you wish to give away
    3. Points. Select the establishment and the number of points you wish to give away

      Please note: you can only add one action per e-mail. Do you want to create another action anyway? Make sure you delete the first one then.

  5. After completing the details of desired action in step 4, you still need to add a Tag to realize the action. Find the required Tag under Tags in the left menu

    Tip: Under Tags, search Gift card url for a link to the gift card and Loyalty token url for a link to the points claim. For a direct points attribution, search Points.

  6. Place it in your email template on a spot of your choice

Please note: Do you send a test email to yourself first? Then no unique link will be created for you. So don't worry if the button doesn't seem to work properly then.