Adding Actions to email campaigns

Through our e-mail tool you can add Actions to your e-mail. Think of sending Piggy points, digital gift cards and much more!

How do Actions work?

Our e-mail tool offers the possibility to add certain Actions to your e-mail template. Think of sending Piggy points or digital gift cards to your customers. You choose the details of the action, such as the number of points and to which loyalty programme it belongs. Each recipient of the campaign receives a unique link.

How do I send a campaign with an Action?

To send a campaign with an Action, the action needs to be added in two places: in the email template and in the email campaign.

Adding an Action to the template

In the e-mail template, a Personalisation token is required. This link can be added to a button, text or image. The link is replaced with a personalised link for each recipient when sending the campaign. It doesn't matter where in the template it is added, as long as the recipient can click it.

Learn more about adding the personalisation token to the email here.

Adding an Action to the campaign

When sending the mail, enter the details of the action under step 3: Actions. Add here the action that corresponds to the added token in the template. Then choose the details of the action. Which details these are, depends on the chosen action. These details are the same for each recipient.

You can now send your email campaign! Each recipient receives a unique link.

Please note! Are you first sending a test mail to yourself? Then no unique link will be created for you. So don't worry if the button doesn't seem to work then.