How to set up an automation

Automations help you set up workflows for, for example, email marketing campaigns. Once set up, the software does the rest of the work for you

How to create a new automation

Follow these steps to create a new automation:

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Go to Tools image (8)-1 > Automations
  3. Click plusRound New automation in the upper right corner
  4. Here you can choose an automation template, or choose Empty automation

Please note! Selecting your template or trigger determines the starting point of your automation. This cannot be changed later!

Enrollment filters

Without filters, your automation will start running every time the condition for the initial starting point is met. Filters allow you to set additional conditions for triggering your automation, giving you more control over when subsequent actions are executed. 

Create enrollment filters by clicking the starting point element.

All trigger types (starting points) allow filters for contacts and contact lists. Select specific contacts or contact lists to include (or exclude!) in your automation flow, or set conditions for contact attributes to automatically filter over contacts who meet the set conditions.

Tip! Check your filters before activating your automation to be sure your automation will work as intended! Make sure no filters are invalid and check the filters within filter groups (AND) and between filter groups (OR).

The automation workflow

After creating enrollment filters, you can build your automation workflow. Add elements by clicking plusRound and selecting an action from the right panel. 

Your automation will run from top to bottom, so the position of the elements is important. For example, adding a delay element will delay all subsequent actions with the set amount of time. 

In your workflow editor, you can edit pencil the name of your automation in the top banner. The name, as wel as the elements in the automation workflow, are automatically saved. When your automation is finished, click bolt-1 Activate automation to activate your automation.

Carefully check your automation and decide if you want to immediately enroll all eligible contacts. The settings for re-enrollment and execution window are based on the template you started from and can be changed in the next step. Activate your automation, or go back if you need to make changes.

Final settings

After activating your automation, you will be directed to the Overview tab where you can change the name of your automation. History will show you the history of all runs of the automation. Under the Extra tab you will find the settings for re-enrollment and execution window.

Go to Actionsactions in the upper right corner to Edit edit2Deactivate, or Delete your automation.