All actions within the automation flow explained

When setting up an automatic mail, you can add various actions within the automation flow in order to send out your e-mail in a targeted manner


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Below we explain all the actions within the automation flow:

  • Delay time: the delay time delays the time for sending out the automated email for a certain period of time
  • If/Then branching: an If/Then branching can be used to send out an email based on different values in attributes and consumer behavior

With collected information (contact attributes) from your consumers, you can personalise your email marketing based on the behaviour/preferences of your consumers.

For example: Take a liquor store. To send out targeted promotional material, you can distinguish between wine and beer lovers by using contact attributes, e.g. 'favourite drink'. 

By adding an If/Then branch, with on the one hand 'Wine' and on the other hand 'Beer' as value for the contact attribute, you can send your consumers targeted promotions, news and actions

  • Internal e-mail: send an e-mail to users of your Business account
  • Set contact attribute: set the value on a contract attribute based on which your e-mail will be sent


  • Webhook: send data to another application via a Webhook
  • Automated e-mail: select an e-mail to add to your automation flow