A new development for you: automations. An advanced tool to take your customer loyalty to a higher level. Read in this article what it is and what you as an entrepreneur can do.

What are automations?

Automations are essentially connections made within your software in order to optimise business efforts and processes, thereby increasing their effectiveness and efficiency

Automation enables you as an entrepreneur to manage all aspects of loyalty and to improve them. Think about campaigns, triggers, email marketing and more! The software does all the work for you, in other words, they save you a bunch of tasks and time. Ideal right?

Simply put, the automation ensures that human involvement is minimised to create maximum results. 

Example: Do you want to send out an e-mail for someone's birthday? By adding an automation to an e-mail and linking it to a customised attribute, the automation will automatically send out the e-mail you created to congratulate your saver on his/her birthday. And all that hands-free!

Are you curious about how to set up such an automation? In this article we help you with that. 

How do automations work?

You can set up an automation for various purposes. Think of facilitating your e-mail marketing and collecting extra information from your contacts via Forms to improve the customer journey.

How do I benefit from automations?

We will explain the main advantages for you below:

  • Workload: With automation, you not only reduce the time and effort required, but processes also follow a set of rules that you determine in advance. By spending less effort on these tasks, you will notice a higher productivity in other activities
  • Cost-saving: Once you have set up your software correctly, you do not have to worry about it anymore. The longer you use this, the greater your spread of costs
  • Extendable: Automation is fully customisable, on a large or small scale. Customise it the way you want, the software can always be tailored to your customer base, no matter what
  • Integrations: With automations, you maximise the potential of your integrations. These can be used for e-mail marketing, point of sale, e-commerce and more. This speeds up integration development, increases quality, increases productivity and reduces costs. It provides quality and security at a level that would not be possible without automation
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