Data collection: the common thread of forms. Something that brings many advantages. With the right data about your customers, you lift your business results to a higher level

What are Forms?

Using Forms is a simple but effective way to collect information in a pre-defined way. This means that the information you collect can more easily be turned into insights for your business.

Forms is simply a tool for creating a list of questions that you can ask your employees or customers to fill in missing data. You can use the questionnaire to track spending habits and expand customer profiles, for example.

You can make forms as specific or general as you want.

Are you wondering specifically how you can take your customer insights to the next level? It's actually quite simple: when creating the form, choose certain characteristics and the way you want to measure that characteristic!

The benefits of Forms

It is all about data collection. While that is essentially the main point of Forms, it is also a huge advantage to have. With the right data about your customers, your planning, forecasting, research and development, and even your return on investment can skyrocket!

Below we list the most important benefits of Forms:
  • Reliable: Data collection forms ensure that the data you collect is displayed in the same way for everyone. This way you guarantee that everyone gets the same questions in roughly the same situation
  • Analyzable: After creating and using a number of forms, you'll find that analysing and converting data becomes easier and easier. Useable insights at a glance and smarter, more flexible decision-making in just a few clicks
  • Accessible: With data storage in the Cloud, your data is available anytime, anywhere. This means not only that you can access the data at any time, but also that those whose data you are collecting can respond to your queries anytime, anywhere
  • Sustainable: the use of digital forms avoids the use of piles of paper
  • Security: personal information is stored digitally more securely than anywhere else. In addition, the Forms tool provides identity verification when you use a private form

Tip: In case you would like to collect data from customers who are not (yet) part of your programme, or new subscribers, you can always use a public form, which does not require identity verification

How do I use forms?

Not sure how to measure things or how to start with Forms? You can choose to measure information by numbers, open forms, e-mail addresses or for example a favourite product of your customer. 

Are you curious about how to draw up such a form? We will gladly help you via here!