Creating a gift card

For your business, it can be profitable to use gift cards, whether physical or digital. Learn how to use both here in this article.

Introduction to Giftcards


There are two types of gift cards to use within Piggy. Physical gift cards and digital gift cards:

Physical gift cards

Physical gift cards can be used in your business by selling them to your customers. This is because they offer you numerous benefits, the greatest of which has to do with your turnover. Some 84% of customers who come in with a gift card spend on average 4 times more than the value of the gift card itself! In addition, these cards are easily upgradable and devaluable via the Business App, making it easy to combine the use of these cards with the loyalty program.

When designing your gift card, for example, choose one that perfectly matches your company's corporate identity with just the right look and feel. The packaging of the gift card can also match this nicely. Everything can be ordered via this order form

Do you have further questions about gift cards? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Piggy Experts or your contact person, we are happy to help you. 


Digital gift cards

You send out a digital gift card from the Business Dashboard. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Then go to Gift Card. Make sure you have selected the right program. You can switch between the different gift card programs via Settings. Then select Cards
  3. Click on the green Add button at the top right
  4. Fill in the requested details: amount, e-mail recipient, name recipient, the establishment you wish to link the card to and, if desired, the custom e-mail*

    * Tip: the gift card is sent in a Piggy-branded email by default. Want to customize this email? Then select Custom e-mail. You can create this email under Marketing > Emails. 

  5. Then click Create to send the gift card. The email will be sent directly to the recipient

Tip: Add a digital gift card to your (automated) marketing campaigns to surprise customers, for example, on their birthday!