Logging into the Contacts Portal

You can personalise the mail that is sent to a user when he or she logs in to the Contacts Portal as you wish. Read how that works in this article.

  1. Log into your Business Dashboard
  2. Go to Marketing and to Emails
  3. Navigate to Automated emails and click the green Add button in the top right. Then select Send automatically
    You will now enter the email editing flow of the Contacts Portal registration email.
  4. Follow the steps in this flow, each of which is explained below.
  5. Select Login e-mail and then choose a template
  6. Select the template for the registration e-mail

    Before drafting the email, you need to create an email template. Read how to do this here. You can also choose to do this right away when composing the e-mail.

    When creating the login e-mail, it is imperative that you include the login code in it. After all, this is how contacts log in. Use the appropriate personalisation token. What you display in the rest of the e-mail is up to you.

  7. Under Information, give the campaign a name (what you see in the Dashboard) and a subject (what the recipient sees in the inbox). Select the subscription type Functional email

    The subscription type Functional email is used to authenticate the recipient. For this, your contacts cannot unsubscribe, as these emails are necessary for registration and login within the Contacts Portal.

  8. Under the Actions heading, do not link anything
  9. Under Rating, view the functions you set for the Login email
  10. Link the e-mail by navigating from the Business Dashboard to Tools (9 dots) and Contacts Portal. Click Edit Portal and navigate to the login page. In the right-hand edit screen, you can link the login e-mail

🎉 The login email is now linked to your Contacts Portal!