How to add a hyperlink to a text

Read here how you can add a hyperlink in the email editor, allowing you to have customised text refer to a Web page

When sending emails, it can be useful to give recipients the ability to click directly on a word or phrase to be directed to a Web page. For example, consider promoting new products, where the title of the product links directly to the Web page where customers can purchase the product online.

How do I add a hyperlink to a text? 

  1. First think about which website the hyperlink should direct to and make sure it is copied to your clipboard (Control + C on Windows, Command + C on Mac)
  2. Select the text to which the hyperlink should be added and then click on the -button
  3. In the menu that opens, paste into the Url field the website from step 1 (Control + V on Windows, Command + V on Mac). Then click on Save
  4. Your hyperlink is now added! You can change the color and formatting of the text as usual

How do I remove a hyperlink?

To remove a hyperlink, click on the text to which a hyperlink has been added. Then click the -button to remove the hyperlink.

Examples of when to use a hyperlink in text

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