How do I set up an email campaign?

In this article we show you how to create a template and then send the campaign

In the dashboard you can make full use of e-mail marketing. For sending a campaign you need the Marketing, which you can activate via Settings in the Business Dashboard.

Tip: If you do not have Marketing available in your business dashboard yet, you can activate it via the Settings (grey cogwheel)

You can choose to create your own template or select one of the global templates. Global templates can also be adjusted later. Select a desired template and click on start.

  1. Click on Marketing and select Emails. Press the Add button in the top right corner, and select wether you want to send the new email once or automatically based on a specific event. Now choose a Global Template, a Personal Template, or Start Fresh with a new one
  2. Content: Drag and drop the options displayed to the right of the field (Columns, Button, Divider, HTML, Image, Menu, Text, etc...) into the field to format your e-mail. When you have finished designing your template, you can go to the next step. It is also possible to save the template via Actions, so that it can be used again for a later campaign

    Caution! Do not forget to add an Unsubscribe link to your campaign by 

  3. Information: Here you add a subject for the e-mail and give the campaign a name. Optionally, the sender name and e-mail address can be added. Finally, in this step you select the subscription type for the campaign
  4. Action: In this step you can optionally add an extra action to your mail. For example, think about adding a gift card or points. 
  5. Recipients: Finally, you select the recipients of your campaign. These can be all contacts, or you can create contact lists for them

Now you can click on Check & send. Here you can do a final check of your campaign and finally you can have the mail sent immediately or schedule it for a later moment