Creating contact attributes

Through attributes you collect additional data from your contacts and can strengthen customer relationships through a personalized approach.

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Go to Contacts and then again to Contacts
  3. Click on Manage Attributes and click the green Add button
  4. Give the attribute a name and select the Data type. Click on Create
  5. Did you choose for a 'select' data type?Then add the options to the attribute after you create it

You choose the data type depending on the type of attribute and the desired method of completion. 

Many attributes are already set by default in your Business Dashboard, such as first and last name, savings balance and number of transactions.

Collect information

After adding the attribute, it is of course desirable that it be completed by as many contacts as possible. This can be done in several ways:

  • Forms
    By sending out a form, to which you can add selected contact attributes, you collect information about your contacts via a form sent via e-mail. Read here how to create a form.
  • Contacts Portal
    Add the attribute to the Contacts Portal. This way, your contacts can log into their own environment and complete their data. 

Tip: Once you have collected the data, you can easily add contact lists based on these attributes. This way you can set up for targeted and segmented email marketing and rewards.