Connecting a Mollie account

Using Mollie Connect, orders placed using the Widget and The Giftcard Shop can be paid out immediately to your Mollie Account. Giftcard orders are paid out at once.

Check how to install the Widget and how to get your giftcard onto The Giftcard Shop.

Go to:

When you offer your giftcard using the Widget and The Gifcard Shop, orders will be paid out immediately to your Mollie account if you've connected a Mollie account to your Piggy account. De costs incurred by Mollie (typically €0,29 per transaction) and the fee incurred by Piggy (€0,50 per order) will be deducted automatically from your payouts. 

Why use Mollie Connect?

  • Immediate payouts.
  • Customise your own checkout.
  • More insights in your orders.

How to connect my Mollie account

Don't forget to link the correct group(s) to your Mollie account!

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Business Dashboard, and go to Management.
  2. Go to Mollie Connect.
  3. Click on the button Create at the top right of your screen.
  4. Click the blue button saying Connect via Mollie.
  5. Login to Mollie and click Connect, you'll now be redirected back to the Mollie Merchant page in the Business Dashboard.
  6. Choose the profile you'd like to use, and click on Create
  7. Finally, select the group(s) you'd like to link to your Mollie account.


I don't have a Mollie account yet 

You can create a Mollie account free of charge! Mollie only charges the (typically) €0,29 excl. VAT per transaction. Follow these steps to create a Mollie account. Make sure you follow all steps carefully.

When creating a Mollie account, please note the following:

  • Don't have a website? No problem. Simply enter your product page on The Giftcard Shop when filling in your website data.
  • It may take a while before your account is verified by Mollie. We cannot create transactions for unverified Mollie accounts.
  • Don't forget to add payment methods to your profile! Customers of The Giftcard Shop will be directed to your Mollie checkout. If no payment methods have been activated on that profile, the customer will not be able to pay. We recommend you add iDeal as a payment method at the very least.

Questions or experiencing problems with connecting?

Are you experiencing some trouble connecting your Mollie account to your Piggy account, or do you have any other questions? We'll be happy to help. Please contact us.