The gift card settlements explained

In case you have multiple locations and use gift cards, you can set up settlements to see where cards are upgraded and downgraded.

What is Settlements? 

Settlements are literally settlements between multiple locations related to gift cards. If you have multiple locations as a business and use gift cards (both physical and digital), you can see statistics and actions here. You can find where and when a gift card has been upgraded and/or devalued.

When having multiple locations, it is possible to purchase a gift card at location X and redeem it at location Y.

Tip! You can set settlements per gift card program!

Where can I find Settlements?

Follow the following steps to view Settlements:
  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Go to Giftcard and then to Settlements
  3. You will find several sources of information:
    1. The overview shows where, when and by what amount a gift card was up- or  downgraded 
    2. Under Settled you will find the financial information. That is, which location has accumulated b. a credit or debt with another location

Enable settlements? Do this under The Settlements screen settings.