Your page in the Piggy Customer app

You can customize your shop page(s) in the Piggy customer app.

Customers can find your store in the Piggy consumer app. What information they can find about your store is entirely up to you.  Here you can manage your pages and create new ones.

  1. Go to your Business Dashboard and then to Tools and Customer App
  2. Do you already have a Customer App Page? Then select it - from here you can edit it. Don't have one yet? Click on Add in the top right corner to create one

Read below to find out exactly what you can edit.

You can create a separate page for each branch or use one page for several branches. Naturally, the correct information is shown for each branch.

Note: Only customers that have the Piggy consumer app with version 4.6 or higher have access to the new customized pages.


  • Please fill in the name of your company
  • Add a website link if you wish
  • Add a description if you like
  • Set your logo and cover image


These are the building blocks of your page. You can put different blocks on your page, like loyalty-, marketing- and announcement blocks. For the loyalty block the right rewards are automatically shown, based on which ones you have linked to your branch. For each block, you can change several properties, such as the title or subtitle. You can also change the order in which the blocks are displayed. To do this, drag them in the order of your choice