How to customize a form

Forms help you with data collection. How you can customize them to your house style, we explain in this article.

To edit a form, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Contacts and then Forms
  3. Select the form you wish to edit and click Edit at the top right, or create a new form at the top right under New Form
    You will now enter the form edit screen
  4. On the left hand side, select the number of desired pages and determine its order
  5. Drag the desired blocks under Form blocks from the right side into the page of your choice. This can be a static block (for text, image and layout), a contact attribute concerning the information you wish to collect or a subscription to one of your subscription type for emails

Tip: At the top of the page, you can view the view on both mobile and desktop.

Under the Styling button you can control the colors, display and fonts.