How to create a form

Sign up your contacts for your marketing and loyalty program, and learn more about them!

With the help of Forms it is now possible to stimulate your contacts to fill in their Contact Attributes. You can decide what questions you want. them to answer by creating new Contact Attributes and adding them to the Form. You can attach a Form to your marketing campaigns or a QR-code.

Tip! Include a form in an email as soon as contacts have collected points for the first time, so you can collect additional information from your contacts! For example, you can ask for a contact's date of birth or their favourite product

How do you create forms?

  1. Go via the Business Dashboard to Contacts and then to Forms
  2. Next you can choose to create a completely new and unique form or to work with a preset. If you choose to create your own form, you get to choose between a public or a private form

Public form

This form can be completed by anyone who has received the link to the form. No authentication of the contact is needed. 

In this form you decide for yourself, apart from the e-mail address, which attributes you want to process in the form. You can drag these attributes to a place of your choice. You can also make it compulsory to fill in certain attributes.

In the next step you can process the text that is displayed to the contact once the form has been completed. 

Please note! Be careful when using this type of form, because it allows contacts to change data in your contacts without any authentication

Private form

This requires a personal link, which is sent via e-mail. First, an authentication e-mail will be send, containing a link to the next steps. For this type of form it is therefore important to create an automatic mail containing a link to the form.

Just like for a public form, you can then set which information of the contact will be collected in the form itself. 

In the last step you link the automated e-mail to the form. This e-mail is sent as soon as the contact has entered an e-mail address. 

Note: Our technical team is working hard on the further development of the forms. This article will therefore be updated periodically

Incorporating a form into an e-mail

Forms can be added to an e-mail so that you can collect additional information from your contacts. This is ideal! A public form can be added directly as a link to your mail by copying the URL. 

For a private form, it is required to add an e-mail, because the contact needs to be authenticated first. For this you can add a personalisation token for a form in a button or in the text of the campaign.