Exporting my transactions

For a clear overview of your transactions and statistics, it is best to create an export. We explain how to do that here

It is possible to export your statistics

How to create a printout of your transactions is explained below:

  1. Go to your Business Dashboard and then to Loyalty
  2. Select Transactions. Here you will find the complete overview of all your transactions
  3. To create an export, go to Export in the top right corner. Give the export the desired name and file format. Click on Create

    Tip: you can choose to e-mail the file to yourself. To do this, tick the question "Do you want to e-mail the export results?

  4. Then go to Tools and Files. Here you will find the export you have just created. If you wish, you can download this to your device

The filter button allows you to filter information based on branch(es), transaction type and period