Your giftcard on The Giftcard Shop

Through The Giftcard Shop, you can offer your giftcard to your customers online. You'll pay Piggy a mere €0,50 per order.

The Giftcard Webshop and the Widget are available for Giftcards BasicGiftcards Pro and Giftcards Enterprise.

The Giftcard Shop is an online platform for local giftcards. On here, customers can buy digital giftcards from their favourite local shops. Sent within 5 minutes.

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    How does it work?

    An extensive explanation about The Giftcard Shop can be found here. In short, here's how it works:

    • If you're already using giftcards from Piggy, you can offer your giftcard on The Giftcard Shop and use the Giftcard Widget.
    • Through the website, customers can buy your digital giftcard, in values ranging from €10 to €150.
    • For the sale of your giftcards on The Giftcard Shop, you'll pay a fee of €0,50 per order to Piggy, and the usual transaction costs incurred by Mollie (usually €0,29 excl. VAT).
    • Using Mollie Connect, you can link your Mollie account directly to your Piggy account, so all orders are paid out immediately.

    Getting your giftcard online on The Giftcard Shop

    Please watch the video underneath to see how you can get your giftcard online in The Giftcard Shop, or follow these steps:

    1. Login to your Business Dashboard, and click Giftcards.
    2. Make sure to check if you have selected the correct giftcard program. If not, you can change this at the left top of the page.
    3. Go to Settings.
    4. Under Platform visibility, add The Giftcard Shop. As soon as you select this, the terms and conditions will also appear.
    5. You may choose a standard Increment location or offer the choice to your customers. This part is meant for settling in the giftcard program, if other shops and accounts partake in this giftcard program.
    6. Click Submit. Your giftcard is now online on The Giftcard Shop! Please note the following:
      1. Don't forget to upload an image of your giftcard.
      2. The name of your giftcard program shall appear on The Giftcard Shop. This name can be changed under your program settings.

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