What is the Content Studio?

The Content Studio is where you create the most beautiful images. For your narrowcasting, giftcards, email marketing, social media and more.

The Content Studio is available to all modules.

Wherever you need images, the Content Studio is where you create the most beautiful images. Read here how it works.

Design Projects

You start by creating so-called Design Projects. You create these projects through our Editor. In doing so, you start with a background image. Then, you can add different layers and elements. You can add the following:

  • Library: Add a background image. You can use the Unsplash library, the Piggy library or your own images.
  • Transform: Choose the dimensions and ratio of your image. There's a multitude of options available: Narrowcasting (choose between iPad or Android), giftcards, general, and a number of social media options. 
  • Filters: Place a colour filter over your image. 
  • Adjustments: Adjust the specific properties of your image.
  • Overlays: Place a thematic filter over your image. 
  • Text: Add a text element to your project. 
  • Text designs: Add pre-designed text elements to your projects.
  • Stickers: Add stickers to your image. You can choose between emoticons and shapes, or you can upload your own sticker. This way you can add additional images, like your logo.

Don't forget to save your Design Project before closing it. If you do not do this, you'll have to start over again later.

Please noteYou need to export your Design Project before being able to use it.

Exporting your Project

To be able to use the end result - be it in your narrowcasting, giftcard programme, email marketing or social media - the project needs to be exported as an image. This can be done by clicking the Export Image button in the Editor. Whenever you do this, the end result will be saved as an image under your files in the Business Dashboard. You can find your files by going to Management in your dashboard, and then clicking Files. The exported images can be found here.

Using your image

Once you've exported your image, it can be used in your narrowcasting, giftcard programme and email marketing. When adding an image, you're given the choice between the Unsplash library, the Piggy library and your own Files. Click on your Files and choose your image.