Trees for All

  • What does Trees for All do?
    Trees for All was founded in 1999. We are a non-profit, CBF-accredited foundation and we invest in the future and live-ability of our planet by planting and restoring forests around the world. This gives companies and private individuals the opportunity to offset their CO2 through Trees for All projects. In this way we can all work together for a better climate, ecosystem recovery and poverty reduction in the world.
  • Where are the trees planted?
    The trees of Piggy savers will be planted in two projects - Limburg and Ghana .
  • Can I plant my trees myself?
    Fortunately, the planting of the tree is completely taken care of by Trees for All. The possibility of organizing a tree planting day in the Netherlands is being investigated.
  • How do you guarantee that the trees I donate will actually be planted?
    Trees for All guarantees the planting of the trees within one year of redeeming the loyalty points. For planting the trees, we depend on the planting seasons in the country and area concerned. In the Netherlands we plant between November and March. In the tropics, trees are planted just before the start of the rainy season.
  • How many loyalty points does a customer need to plant a tree?
    The customer needs 100 points to cash in planting one tree.
  • How are you paying for the trees? 
    Trees for All sends a quarterly invoice for the number of trees saved by your customers.
  • Will I receive proof of the number of trees I have donated?
    Absolutely. After receipt of the donation, we will send a personal certificate by email. You can print this out and show it in-store as proof to your customers.
  • Is my donation to Trees for All deductible?
    Trees for All has an ANBI status. This means that Trees for All has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organization. This entails tax advantages for the donors. Gifts/donations to Trees for All are tax deductible within the applicable regulations.