The different types of automations

When creating an automation, you have to choose between a number of different types of automations. In this article, we explain what the differences are

Setting the right type of automation is very important for the proper functioning of your automation flow because the software selects certain actions, changes and/or recipients based on the type chosen

We explain the different types for you below:
  • Contact updated: this event is triggered when a contact's properties are updated
  • Credit reception created: this event is triggered when a credit reception occurs
  • Loyalty transaction created event: loyalty transaction was created. This can be any kind of loyalty transaction, such as a digital/physical reward receipt or a savings transaction

The loyalty transaction created event is a comprehensive type of automation that covers all types of loyalty transactions. If you want to set up a specific automation flow for, for example, only a savings transaction, then choose another type of automation

  • Digital reward reception created event: this event is triggered when a digital reward is claimed
  • Physical reward reception created: this event is triggered when a physical reward is claimed