Thank your customers when they visit you a few times!

A small thank-you to your savers on yet another visit - this is easily done via automation

When setting up a thank you email, make sure you have set Number of savings transactions as Custom attribute in your programme.

Below is a roadmap for setting up an email for x number of visits using automation.

  1. In your Business Dashboard, go to Marketing 2.0 and then emails
  2. Go to Add and click on Send automatically. Select the Marketing category, click on Create
  3. Then select the desired template for the mail and click Use

 Haven't created a template yet? Read how to do that here

   4. You are now taken to the campaign edit screen

  • 1. Content: You can customise your template here. Don't forget to add the unsubscribe link, without it you can't continue
  • 2. Information: Enter the name (visible only to you) and subject (visible to the recipient) of the campaign and select the subscription type
  • 3. Actions: Add actions to your campaign. Before selecting an action, make sure your template matches the selected action, you do this in step 1: content.
  • 4. Review: Check the data you set up in the steps above
  • 5. Link e-mail: you can then set up the automatic e-mail in an automation

Adding actions to your campaign is optional. Do you want to thank your member for their loyalty to your company by giving away a gift card or extra points? Then setting up an action is required. However, this is entirely up to you. 

    5.  Finished editing? Now, from the Business Dashboard, go to Tools (9 dots) and Automations

     6. Choose the automation Thank customers who have visited a number of times and set the number of visits to the desired amount, click Create

     7. You can now enter the automation flow. Fill in the email you just created, select Activate and then Activate again. 

Your e-mail is now set up!

Tip: the delay time is automatically set to 10 minutes. This means that your member will receive the e-mail 10 minutes after purchasing from your company. You can adjust the time yourself.