Preparing an email campaign and you want to insert a button that 'sends an email'?

It's great that you're working with our email marketing functionalities. Below is a step-by-step plan to insert such a button.

Open the template you are working in.
1. Click on the 'Button' button on the right side of the dashboard and drag it to the desired location in your template.
2. Click where 'Button' text is now. A selection menu (content) will now appear on the right side of the template. At the top of this selection menu you will see the option to insert a URL.

3. You can change this to "send e-mail". Add an e-mail address that recipients can send an e-mail to, a subject line and the desired text.

If you follow the steps above, you have created a button that opens a new email draft as soon as the recipient of your email clicks on it.