Overview of savings statistics

Would you like to know how many credits have been saved in a certain period? Then click on Loyalty in the Dashboard. Select Analytics. Here you get an overview of the following information within your preferred time frame:

  • Number of loyalty transactions: This represents the total number of transactions in which a consumer saved or used credits
  • Total amount of credits given away: Here you find the total sum of credits that were saved in the selected time frame
  • Amount of credits exchanged for rewards: These are all the credits that were used to claim rewards in this period
  • Number of credit receptions: This is the number of times consumers have saved credits 
  • Total purchase amount: This is the sum of all purchase amounts within the selected time frame

By clicking on the tab Miscellaneous, you can find the total amount of credits that consumers still can use. By selecting the End date of Today, you can see how many credits are currently saved.