New: Contacts and Contact lists

'Members' and 'Recipients' will soon disappear. They will be replaced by 'Contacts'.

Don't worry, you won't lose any data. Currently, all your data of savers and recipients are also stored with your contacts.

Members and marketing recipients will now be one group, called Contacts. This means that it is no longer necessary to synchronise between different programmes. A contact can of course still save with you or receive marketing e-mails. Or both, of course. With your contacts, you can also distinguish between employees and guests or customers, for example.

The contacts offer a total overview of everyone in your customer database. It is still possible to add (groups of) contacts via the dashboard. This may include other information you have about these contacts.

With the help of attributes, you can add additional characteristics to a customer. Basically, only the customer's e-mail address is required. The attributes give you complete control over what other information you would like to request from your customers.

Several presets will already be known from the system, such as the "Number of savings transactions", "Current point balance" or "Visited shops". The other characteristics can be added yourself. Think for example of a first name, date of birth, product preference or the type of employee. This enables you to design your savings and marketing programmes in an even more targeted way!

Contact lists
Using the contact lists, you can divide contacts into different groups based on the attributes described above. You can use these, for example, for marketing campaigns or certain saving actions. Read more about contact lists in this article.

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