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Merge Piggy Savings Cards

A member wants to merge several Piggy cards under one account. How can I do this?

Important: Savings cards are always linked to an e-mail address! So you actually merge the e-mail addresses.

Follow the steps below to merge savers/savings cards:
  • Log in to your Piggy Business dashboard at https://business.piggy.eu/.
  • Select the account you want to merge savers into and go to Members under Loyalty.
  • Find the email address you want to merge, click on it and then click on Actions in the top right corner.

  • Choose the Merge Member option. Here you find the member's e-mail address you wish to keep. The e-mail address (and the connected cards) that you look for will therefore be the e-mail address to which both addresses will be merged. 

  • Then click on Create

Would you like to know how to modify a saver's e-mail address? Then click here.

Please note: if a customer has several cards and has already registered them under the same e-mail address, the cards no longer need to be merged. The points are then already linked to the same e-mail address.