Optimizing the reward list

Here we give you tips on how to refresh your rewards list!

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Use the tips below to ensure that your rewards is attractive and engaging!

  • Determine your Target audience and make sure there is a reward that will attract people from every target group
  • Provide a list of at least 6 rewards that vary in value
  • If you can, make sure you have at least one experience/event in your rewards list
  • Avoid using discounts. When you offer a discount you immediately lose your margin. In addition, customers do not experience the same level of happiness when they redeem a physical product or experience.
  • Also avoid including primary products in the rewards list. Customers will often purchase primary products anyway, this will not offer that extra special feeling. Instead, use products that you are proud of and that could use a boost!
  • Add seasonal products in the rewards list
  • Also try to offer a reward option after the first purchase. This way, customers immediately get into the spirit of collecting points and earning rewards. It could be as simple as a single apple, or something fun like a high-five

By continuing to update your list of rewards regularly, you will keep members excited and incentivised to come back and keep saving for your rewards!