Installing the Shopify plugin

Follow the steps below to link your Shopify webshop to your Piggy account, so your customers can easily collect points on each purchase

Getting the authentication information

Piggy needs access to your orders to create loyalty transactions. For this, you need to create so-called app in your Shopify environment.

  1. Login to your Shopfiy back-office
  2. From the bottom of the sidebar navigation, navigate to Settings
  3. In the settings, click on Apps and sales channels from the sidebar
  4. Click on Develop apps
    If you haven't allowed 'Custom App' development yet, click 'Allow custom app development; and then confirm
  5. Click on Create an app and give your app a name
  6. Click on Configure Admin API scope, then select the following scopes: read_customers, read_orders, read_price_rules, write_discounts, write_gift_cards
  7. Now, click on Install app 
    The authentication information is now generated, which is required for the following step

Installing the Shopify plugin in the Business Dashboard

  1. Login to your Business Dashboard
  2. On the top right, click on Tools (9 dots), then choose Integrations from the dropdown
  3. Find the Shopify integration and click Install
  4. Follow the steps and fill in the information acquired from the step above where asked
  5. Select the business profile / shop from where the points should be sent

🎉 You have now linked your Shopify store!