I just sent an email. What do the different statuses mean?

Processed | Delivered | Deferred | Bounced

As soon as we have sent your email campaign, you can see what their current status is for each recipient. This gives you insight into whether the campaign arrived or not. There are several types of statuses. Below you can read the most common ones.

All our emails are sent via the cloud-based email platform SendGrid. Click here for more information about all statuses.

Processed: Your email has been successfully processed.
Delivered: If this status is visible, it means that the email has been delivered to the
Deferred: For an unknown reason, the delivery of the email has been delayed. It will be tried again later.
Bounced: Your email did not arrive. Most likely because the email address is incorrect.
If a customer has registered with their telephone number, your email will obviously not arrive.