How to set up a Birthday Campaign?

Send automatic emails to customers on their birthday, wishing them the best and offering them a special reward.

Make sure your Contacts fill in their birthdate in the tablet in your shop, or via the Forms feature. Only when the birthday date is know they will be able to receive your Birthday Campaign. Follow these instructions to create one:

  1. Log in on the Business Dashboard, head to Marketing 2.0. Then select Emails
  2. Click Add in the top right corner of your screen. A pop-up will appear. Choose Send automatically and select the Marketing category. Confirm by pressing Create
  3. Now you can select your template. You can use an existing one, but you can also choose to start from scratch. Read more about creating templates in this article

    Warning! Do not forget to add an Unsubscribe link! This is mandatory!

  4. When you're pleased with how the email looks, click Next to give the email an internal name (only visible for you), and to add a subject (this is visible to the receiver). Also add the Subscription type that you want to use. Then click Next to continue
  5. Now you can add Actions. If you want to include a giftcard or an amount of credits, you can add them here. Fill in which Shop provides the giftcard/credits and the value
  6. Select Review and activate to get an overview of the email. Click Publish and Open automations to set up the campaign
  7. On the Automations page you will find a preset called Celebrate birthdays. Select this option and add the email you want to use to the block saying Please select an email
  8. To finish, click Review and activate for a final overview, and press Activate to launch the campaign

Congrats! You can now tell your Contacts happy birthday!