How do I set up my Narrowcasting?

Here you can read how to create and modify the slides for the Piggy Business App

Setting up Narrowcasting

As soon as you have the image ready, you can activate it in the dashboard via the Narrowcasting module. You do this by creating a slide and linking it to the shop(s). Follow these steps

Tip: You can create and edit the image for the narrowcasting in your Images

If you already have the image ready for the digital signage, or if you want to use an image from our photo library, you can go directly to the Narrowcasting

  1. Go to your Business Dashboard and then to Tools - Narrowcasting.
  2. Here you will find an overview of the (previously created) slides. To add a new slide, click on the green button with Add
  3. Give your slide a name and click on Create

You are now in the edit screen of the slide concerned. Here you can add or change further settings


  • Name: Give your slide a name. Only you see this
  • Display time in seconds: enter how many seconds you want this slide to be visible.
  • Dates: You can enter a start and end date for this slide. For example, for holidays or an action within your company
  • Image: add the image you want to be displayed

In Filters you can determine at which locations or devices the slide will be displayed. Click on Add and select whether you want to filter on devices or locations. Then click on Operator and select one of the values. You can now click on the devices/branches where you want the slide to be shown

If you do not set any filters in Filters, it means that no filters are set and everything you set is visible everywhere, in case you have several branches. 

Note: Don't forget to press Save to activate a slide

How do I remove a slide in my Narrowcasting?

  • Go to Narrowcasting in the Business Dashboard
  • Select the slide you want to delete
  • Click on Actions in the top right corner and then on Delete to delete a slide