How do I manage my codes?

In this article you can read which codes are available, which code group they are linked to and how to import a new set of codes.

  • Log in to your dashboard via this link.
  • Then click in the side menu on Loyalty and select your loyalty program
  • Now click on Digital rewards and then on Codes
  • On this page you can see which codes are available and which code group they are linked to. In addition, you can also see whether the codes have already been redeemed.

Do you have no idea how to easily create a series of codes? Fortunately, there are numerous websites online where you can generate QR codes. Click this link or here to see examples of such websites. Several webshop platforms also offer this functionality on the platform itself. To be sure, check this with the administrator of your webshop.

  • Do you want to import new codes? Then click on + Add at the top right, select the code group to which you want to link the codes and copy the codes in the field below and finally click on the green tip at the top right of the page.

Make sure to separate the codes with commas so that they are recognized as different codes.