How do I get insights in my loyalty programme's statistics?

View the most important statistics of your loyalty programme for a certain period at a glance

Important: Our developers are working on improving and expanding the statistics within your loyalty programme on a daily basis. This article is therefore periodically updated.

In the Business Dashboard you will immediately find an overview of the most important statistics of your savings program. By filtering on locations, you can compare your branches with each other. Follow the step-by-step plan below to view this:

  1. Go to your Business Dashboard via
  2. Click on Loyalty and then Analytics

Tip! Via Statistics and Transactions in the sidebar of your dashboard you will find an even more detailed overview of all statistics related to your loyalty program

  • Under Dashboard, select the time period you wish to view. Under Custom you can enter a desired time period
  • Under Miscellaneous you will find the total outstanding balance saved by all your savers. This runs until the specified end date.