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How can a Customer register a Piggy card?

The customer's card should already be registered in the store. If the card has not yet been registered, it must be scanned through the Piggy Business app (on the in store device) after which the customer can provide their email address. After this, the customer will receive a confirmation email and the Piggy card is registered.

Please note! If the message ' Member not found' appears in the Business App, it means that you are using the application's outdated version. Click here for more information about the update of the Business App. 

Tip 1: If the customer does not have an e-mail address or does not wish to give one, they can also register with a fictitious e-mail address. This can be done by using for example a telephone number. Example: 1234567890@live.nl or 1234567890@hotmail.com. Important: this must be a unique e-mail address, so that it us only used by one customer only.

Tip 2: Since e-mail addresses form the basis for good marketing campaigns, it is recommendable to limit anonymous registration as much as possible.