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How can a customer redeem points for a reward?

A customer has saved enough points, how can he/she redeem rewards?

It is very important that your customers redeem points for rewards as often as possible. That way you remind your customers that visiting your store is a rewarding experience.

Once you have added points to the customer's account, you can click on a reward on the last screen (on the phone / tablet) and Redeem, given the customer has saved enough points to redeem this reward.

Does the customer want to redeem a reward immediately without adding points? Then click Redeem on the home screen of the store app. The customer can now scan their physical or digital Piggy-card, after which the list of rewards becomes visible and a reward can be redeemed.

Important: if you enter a reward via the dashboard you can choose to redeem it in advance. Savers can redeem a reward via the Piggy app on their mobile phone without having to perform the above actions on your device. 

Digital rewards
If a customer saves for digital rewards, the customer can redeem these via the store app as well as via the Piggy consumer app. With a digital reward the customer receives a code, which the customer can use for example (discount on) products in the webshop.

Digital rewards can also be redeemed via the widget. If you have installed the widget on your website and added the loyalty programme as an app block, consumers can log in. Just like Piggy's consumer app, consumers can then redeem points for a reward.