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How can consumers start collecting points?

Consumers who visit your store can use their Piggy card or the free Piggy app to save with you and thousands of other merchants.

Consumers who visit your business can use a loyalty card or the consumer app on their phone to save for free with you and other entrepreneurs. Learn more about how to register a card in this article.

Please note: Consumers save points per company, but can save with one Piggy card at different companies.

You decide for yourself which rewards your consumers can save for.

If you click on Savings on your device, the consumer can scan the savings card. Then you enter the purchase amount and click on Add points. The total number of points saved will now appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen. On the right side of the screen, all rewards that you offer are visible on the right of the screen. 

Important: it is of importance that as many consumers as possible participate in your programme. Therefore, always keep asking if consumers want to participate in your programme. It is completely free for them, after all.