How do I set up my digital rewards?

Let customers collect points for digital discount codes that can be redeemed in your webshop!

With digital rewards, customers save for (discount) codes. As an example, you can let your customers save for a webshop credit or products that are purchased via your webshop. Ideal to combine your physical company with your webshop!

The only difference between a reward and a digital reward is that you link a (discount) code to a digital reward.

Follow these steps to create a digital reward:

  • First of all you can log in to your dashboard via this link.
  • Then click on Loyalty and select your loyalty program
  • Now click on Digital rewards and then on Management.
  • Click on + Add at the top right and now enter the Title of the reward and the Required number of credits and click Next
  • Now choose an existing code group or create a new code group and click Next again

A code group must be created, so that we know from which group a code must be sent to the member who redeems a specific digital reward.

  • In the next step, import the codes you want to link to the code group you selected or created and click Next.

Do you have no idea how to easily create a series of codes? Fortunately, there are numerous websites online where you can generate QR codes. Click this link or here to see examples of such websites. Several webshop platforms also offer this functionality on the platform itself. To be sure, check this with the administrator of your webshop.

Tip! Codes can be used once. Make sure you have loaded a sufficient amount of codes in your dashboard. These can be supplemented at any time.

  • In the next step, check whether the reward is linked to your company or to different locations, in case you have a company with multiple locations. Finally click on Create
  • A screen will now appear in which you can fill in optional fields, such as the cost price.