Set up a digital reward

Let customers collect points for digital (discount) codes that can be redeemed in your webshop!

With digital rewards, customers save for (discount) codes. As an example, you can let your customers save for a webshop credit or products that are purchased via your webshop. Ideal to combine your physical company with your webshop!

Setting up a digital reward


The only difference between a reward and a digital reward is that you link a (discount) code to a digital reward.

Follow these steps to create a digital reward:

  1. First of all you can log in to your dashboard via this link
  2. Click on Loyalty and after that Rewards
  3. Now click on Digital rewards and click on the green button Create at the top right and again on Digital reward
  4. Give the reward a title and the Required number of points. Once you have entered these, click on Next. You can then attach an image to your reward, which will be visible in the consumer app
  5. For digital rewards you need to create codes, with which you link a code to an individual reward that the saver can redeem

For each digital reward a code group is automatically created so that the system knows from which group a code should be sent to the saver. It is best to leave this unchanged.  

Tip! Codes can only be used once. So make sure you have loaded enough discount codes in the dashboard. These can be replenished at any time.

Do you have no idea how to easily create a series of codes? There are numerous websites online where you can generate QR codes. Click on this link or here to see examples of such websites. Several webshop platforms also offer this functionality on the platform itself. To be sure, ask the administrator of your shop about this. Please note! The codes must, in addition to the business dashboard, also be loaded on the platform (such as your shop) where they can be used.

 In addition, optional fields can be filled in under Advanced -and Viewfilters.


  • Cost price: If necessary, enter the purchase price here. This is only visible for you and not for the customer. If the purchase price has been entered, it is easy to calculate what the redemption of the rewards has actually cost you
View filters
  • Contact: The visibility filter contact allows you to make certain rewards visible for special occasions or events based on attributes

Example: For a saver's birthday, you can make a reward visible for a certain time by setting it via Contact, in this case based on the attribute date of birth.

  • Platform viewfilters: Platform visibility is used to define if and where a reward can be visible for the Business app (the Piggy app for entrepreneurs) the Customer app (the Piggy app for consumers) or both. If you don't fill this in, the reward will be visible on both apps by default
  • Stores: Does your company have several stores and do you want to make different rewards visible for each store? You can do this here, by setting the location where you want the reward to be visible per reward