Email customers after their purchase

By using custom features you can send your customers specific emails, including after they make a purchase.

For example: You want to automatically send an email to customers 7 days after they make a purchase.

  1. In the Dashboard, go to Loyalty and choose the Loyalty program
  2. Choose Settings and then click Custom Attributes
  3. Click on the Green plus at the top right
  4. Make the choice here for Use a preset and choose Date of last loyalty transaction
  5. Click Create. The Attribute window opens and you can click away
  6. Now go to Marketing, then go to Programs and select the Marketing Program
  7. Choose Custom Attributes and click the Green plus at the top right
  8. Select Synchronise from another Program, choose Loyalty, select your Loyalty program and then the attribute you created earlier: Date of last loyalty transaction. Click Create
  9. The Attribute window opens and you can click away

You have now created a custom attribute in the Loyalty Program, which you have synchronised with the Marketing Program, so that you can send targeted emails based on the attribute. 

Because you want the system to check every day whether someone has made a purchase, you can set up a Periodic Campaign for this.

  1. First you create a Template, then go to Campaigns and choose a Periodic Campaign 
  2. Create a Campaign by clicking the Green plus in the top right
  3. Go through the first steps using the Green arrow at the top right. If you want to add an Action, you can do so through the steps to follow
  4. Under Filters on the Green plus and select Filters in: Custom Attribute , in the Custom attribute: Date of last loyalty operation
  5. Select at Date type: Dynamic, at Deviating days: Date last loyalty transaction was 7 days ago, at Operator: Equal to 
  6. Click Add
  7. Then go to Schedule and select the Interval Day (the system must check every day) 
  8. Follow the steps with the Green Arrow to the right and click Done
  9. The Campaign is now set to Not active. Open the Campaign and click the green Activate button at the top right