Customizing the Contacts Portal

You can customise the styling and branding of your Contacts Portal

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Tools (9 dots) and then Contacts Portal
  3. Click on Edit Portal at the top right and customise the selected page as required.

The Contacts Portal Pages

The Contacts Portal contains four customisable pages:

  • Login
    This is the page where existing contacts (whose email address is therefore already known) can log in. 
  • Register
    This page is used for customers who are not yet contacts of your loyalty programme. Here they need to register by entering their e-mail address
  • Home
    Once logged in, the home page is displayed. Here, depending on your preferences and typ of loyalty programme, you can display or not display icons.
  • Settings
    The settings page contains all customer profile data. Here, you can choose which attributes are displayed.

Tip: the emails sent after someone enters his/her email address in the login or registration page can be customised in the Business Dashboard under Marketing > Emails.


Under the 🎨 Branding button, the entire branding of the Contacts Portal can be customised. This includes button and text colours, font and app icon.

 The app icon is displayed when a contact downloads your Contacts Portal on his or her phone. Read more about setting up this app on the phone here.