Customize the email for a digital gift card

Through the Widget, you make it possible to purchase gift cards online. The email that is then sent with them can be personalized.

Personalize your email 

Follow the steps below to customize and personalize the email sent after purchasing a digital gift card:

  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Then navigate to Marketing and Emails. Under Emails, find the automated emails
  3. Click Add in the upper right corner and select Send Automatically. Then follow the steps in the email flow one by one.
  4. At step 1, choose Email Recipient Gift Card Category.
  5. At step 2, choose the Template Giftcard recipient Widget

    The template for this email is ready for you as a standard email. It contains a QR code and the card number of the QR code anyway, but can be further personalized by you. 

  6. At step 3 you fill in the required data, such as the name (visible for you) and the subject of the campaign (visible for the recipient). For subscription type, choose Functional.

    Please note: Please make sure to select functional in the subscription type. Recipients cannot unsubscribe from this type because this mail should arrive at the recipient. 

  7. At step 4  you do not need to add any actions. The action is already determined during the transaction in the Widget because this is a gift card
  8. At step 5, check the data you set up and click through to step 6

🎉 Your email is now personalized and ready to be linked!

Link your campaign to the Widget

To link the email you just created to the campaign, follow these steps:

  1. From the Business Dashboard, navigate to Tools (9 dots) and Widget
  2. Select the Widget and click on View Widget
  3. In the edit screen of the Widget, navigate to the gift card section and choose the appropriate email under the headings Select the email for the gift card recipient

Tip: The confirmation email after purchasing the gift card can also be customized and set at the Widget!