Custom Attributes (Marketing)

Custom Attributes are the properties you set on your Member profiles (Loyalty module) and Recipient profiles (Marketing module).

Custom attributes can be used with Loyalty Pro and Loyalty Enterprise, Marketing Pro and Marketing Enterprise. You can select attributes we made (Presets), or create your own attributes. Once you have created a custom attribute in Marketing you can sync it to Loyalty. 

Custom Attributes can be anything, from the customer’s first name and birthday, to the customer’s personal preferences, such as their favourite car brand. They allow you to email and/ or reward specific customers. Below you can find the steps to create custom attributes and how to apply them. 

For example:  You are the owner of a liquor store, and want to email wine and whiskey enthusiasts for a promotion.

  1. In your Dashboard you go to Marketing and choose your Marketing Program
  2. Choose Custom Attributes
  3. Click on the Green Plus on the top right
  4. Choose Make your own
  5. Give your attribute a Label, this is how it’s shown in the customer’s app. For example you can name it Liquor
  6. It will automatically fill in a Name, this is how it’s shown internally
  7. Select Type. Because a customer can have multiple favourite liquors, you choose a Multiple Choice selection
  8. Click on Create, the Attribute window will open
  9. Click on Information, thereafter on Add
  10. Here you enter Whiskey at both Label and Value. By clicking Add you could, for example, do the same for ‘Wine’, ‘Beer’, and ‘Gin’.

Now that you have created the custom attributes, you can send the email to customers who are wine and whiskey enthusiasts.

  1. First you create a Template, then you go to Campaigns and choose a Standard Campaign. Follow the steps to create a Campaign.
  2. At Filters you can now choose Custom Attributes and Liquor as an option
  3. Here you can choose the Values Wine and Whiskey
  4. Select All these values in the Operator, if you want the email to be sent only to customers who love both wine and whiskey
  5. Click on Add

When saving a Custom Attribute, where synchronization is enabled, all available information is filled in immediately. Customers can then also change / add to their values ​​for the Custom Attributes via the iPad.