Change the Contacts Portal domain

The domain of the Contacts Portal can be easily changed so that it is fully personalized to your needs.


  1. Log in to your Business Dashboard
  2. Then go to Tools (9 dots) and Contacts Portal
  3. Navigate to Domains. Here you will find the set domain ''.
  4. Add a domain via Add Domain
  5. Choose your domain type here, click Next and, based on your choice, follow the steps below
  • Piggy Subdomain 
    This domain is managed by Piggy. Here you customize the first part of the domain. In the previously mentioned domain in step 3, that is
  • Custom Domain
    The Custom Domain is a domain that you completely manage. 


  1. Choose the Subdomain type, click Next
  2. Enter the name you wish to set as a subdomain, click on Next
    In step 3 find the confirmation of your created subdomain. Then click on Done

Custom Domain

  1. Choose the type of Custom Domain, click on Next
  2. Enter your created domain, then click Next
  3. Create a DNS record.
    Once the DNS record is created, Piggy will do an internal check to make sure it was done correctly. If not, you will get an error message.

    Read more about setting up your own Custom Domain here.

  4. In step 4, find the confirmation of your created subdomain. Then click Done